30Alassala Ltd
A leading producer, importer, exporter and distributor of the finest ethical Moroccan Organic Argan Oil products and olives.
Tel: 01158 543 005
Web: http://www.alassala.co.uk
32Shelton's Coffee
Tel: 07517071849
Web: http://www.sheltonscoffee.co.uk
34Prep Perfect
Manufacturer of pre-prepared meals aimed at a whole spectrum of people, from elite athletes to everyday people wanting a balanced diet. The benefit of our service is convenience, we source the ingredients, weigh the food, package and deliver to your
Tel: 0116 2760222
Web: https://www.prepperfect.co.uk/about-us
36Royal Tea Ltd
We pride ourselves in only selecting the finest teas from remote Indian tea estates, together blended with only natural flavours and spices, the essence of which are captured and sealed for your convenience.
Tel: 07753615961
Web: http://www.royalchai.net
38RJC Trade Limited
RJC Trade Limited (RJC) is a producer of high quality Chinese ready-to-eat poultry and meat products, primarily established to serve the supermarket sector in the UK and internationally.
Tel: 07828 534656
40Bawdon Lodge Limited
Ice Cream and Sorbets
Tel: 07791892150
Web: http://www.icecream-sorbet.com
42Ukay Khoa Manufacturing Ltd
Leading manufacturer of Paneer
Tel: 0116 284 9930
Web: http://www.sugampaneer.com
44Al-Barakah Meats
A family owned meat and poultry business serving the community with the finest cuts of poultry and meat products, it specialises in catering orders to suit specific customers needs.
Tel: 07712862664
46Stones Events Limited
Bespoke Event Caterers
Tel: 0845 3704777
Web: http://www.stonesevents.co.uk/